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Anthony Spittler, 3RC Photography
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3RC Photography began as part of a trio of visual arts… illustration, design, and of course photography. This trio of arts was appropriately called 3 Ring Circus of Visual Arts, but as the photography took off leading to more lucrative business, the other two arts fell away (not completely, as I still do a little art & design from time to time). With more photography work developing, the name 3RC Photography emerged in order to simplify the interest of my clients.

Even in photography, there needs to be simplicity, as there many avenues to pursue… weddings, portraits, sports, events, commercial work, fine art, etc. Therefore I needed to put more emphasis on what I really love to do. Weddings and events tended to stress me out, so 3RC Photography focuses on portraits of all kinds (including a surge in sports), as well focuses on fine art photography.

Many of the photos displayed at this show are the result of over zealous expectations during vacations. Let’s face it, when a photographer goes on vacation, he/she needs a vacation from that vacation. It’s hard for me to relax when I’m visiting new places! One technique I like to utilize is called HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. In a nut shell, you take several exposures of one composition, then merge them all together digitally using software. There’s not enough room here to go into detail, so I encourage you to investigate the technique.

I appreciate your interest in my photography work… buy something or just browse. If something inspires you or if you are drawn to a particular photo, I’d love to hear from you.

Photography:  landscapes, seascapes, still life, objects, floral


Anthony Spittler