Jewels Botanica

Jewels Botanica – Jacqueline Bevan



My jewelry features glass with real leaves from my garden fused inside. As the glass melts, the leaves burn and the carbon is permanently trapped within. The glass is adhered onto texturized, fine silver pieces which I’ve created out of Precious Metal Clay. I’ve also wrapped the glass with hand-twisted, 14k gold and sterling silver wire. Each pendant is complimented with a set of semi-precious, gemstone or pearl necklaces which I’ve created as well. I’ve always loved nature and art. I create my gardens the same way I create my artwork, always focusing on color and texture to develop richness and depth. As my garden always has an element of unpredictability, so too do the leaves inside the glass. Many leaves burn-out during the firing process making opening the kiln a surprise. Every piece of my glass is as unique as the leaves held within.