Maija Steele

Maija M Steele


I work in kiln formed fused glass, creating images, patterns, and textures in glass utilizing crushed, powdered, and cut pieces. After assembling the glass, it is fired multiple times before it becomes a functional piece of art, a sculpture, or wearable art. My designs are inspired by my personal experiences, landscapes I’ve seen in my travels, mechanical movements, and even mythology. I work in glass because it literally flows, colors can be made to fold and wrap around each other. Light makes the colors in glass rich and delicious, they take on a glow when it passes through. It is as if glass has almost a magical quality to it. I’m working with reactions between colors, employing variations of layering greens, blues, reds,purples and organic colors. I continue to explore new ways of expressing myself through my artwork as I evolve.

 2nd Place Winner – November 2015 show

Maija Steele - Glass